Girlhood by Nadirah Zakariya

15 Jun Girlhood by Nadirah Zakariya

Born and raised in Malaysia, Nadirah Zakariya found her passion for photography at the age of 17 in a small town in Japan and came of age in the Big Apple that is New York City. Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Nadirah received her Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Drawing inspiration for her words through her non-specific geographical upbringing, Nadirah is recognised as an internationally acclaimed photographer with works published in various magazines such as The New York Times, NYLON, VICE, and Dazed & Confused. Invited to hold her first solo exhibition, “Daughters Ago” held in New York in 2011, Nadirah has also exhibited her work in other major cities including London, Paris, San Fransisco and Kuala Lumpur.

‘Girlhood’ is the latest solo exhibition by Nadirah held in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The project was done in collaboration with Leica Malaysia, who also provided Nadirah with the perfect tool – the Leica T with 23mm lens. Girlhood is a personal project which Nadirah has dedicated to her sisters, who have shaped her life growing up. It explores the wonders of relationship and strong bonds between sisters with each photograph pulling the strings on your emotion. The photographs remind you of a time that once was, a reminiscent of childhood memories captured within a time capsule. You can’t help but be drawn in by the mesmerising pieces.


Nadirah herself has been impacted by the project on a very personal level. It reminds her of her life, growing up with the sisters who helped mould her into the beautiful lady she is today. It also allowed her to build friendships while nurturing others, and to form stronger bonds with her subjects – some of them she has known for years and others whom she just met.

What’s next for Nadirah?

Well, she’s working on a couple more projects and also hopes to publish her own photography book soon. With every comment – good or bad – Nadirah takes it as a learning curve in order to grow as an artist.

The photographs from the Girlhood exhibition will be released on Nadirah’s website once the exhibition is taken down at the end of the month. She urges members of the public to visit the exhibition at the Leica Store in Avenue K, and we couldn’t agree more. Seeing it in print is a wonderful and very personal experience in itself.

* Girlhood by Nadirah Zakariya is currently exhibiting at the Leica Store in Avenue K throughout the month of June.

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Article by: Denise Lee (@missnise7)

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