Sheena Liam Slayin’ It

30 Dec Sheena Liam Slayin’ It

It has been 10 years since Sheena Liam started modeling. She was 15 when she started, helping friends who were doing makeup and design courses. It was just a thing Sheena did to support her friends. Never considered taking up modeling as a profession, today Sheena Liam, winner of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 / 2014 is slaying runways shows and fashion photo shoots across the globe.

Smart, bold and witty, Sheena enjoys both the limelight and being off camera. After winning the competition, Sheena has been busy travelling around for international modeling jobs and enjoying life as a nomad. Going about for castings, embracing every other opportunity that comes along, Sheena is always on the go. Hence, she finds comfort in wearing comfortable shoes like Yoke & Theam sandals when she is not in the spotlight.

Recently, Sheena did an editorial collaboration with Yoke & Theam, check out her overflowing confidence in the photos here. Adorned in the brand’s latest collection, Sheena flaunts her versatility and overflowing charm with striking poses.

Zeus Leather

Zeus Leather

Picabo Leather

Picabo Leather

Ivy Sandal

Ivy Sandal

Sonya Sandal

Sonya Sandal

Andre Sandal

Andre Sandal

Ace Sandal

Ace Sandal

Zeus Sandal

Zeus Sandal

Embodying Yoke & Theam’s brand philosophy of versatile and strong image, Sheena is the brand’s recent muse for its newest collection that aspires to empower women.

The INK team had the opportunity to be part of the shoot and had a chat with Sheena herself. Candid and unapologetic with her words, read on and get a glimpse of this new age badass model Sheena Liam.

How did you start your model journey?

I started young, when I was 15, but I never really modeled enough to consider taking it seriously until I was a lot older. After getting my Bachelors in Media and Communications degree, I took a year off to model. Since then I have been modeling full time, four whole years to be exact. Life is odd like that.

In your opinion, what characteristics/requirements are needed to be a model? How does one become a model?

I think luck plays a heavy hand in all of this and sheer will. Many people think it’s all about looks, but I’ve seen people that pave their own paths just by trying over and over again whereas people with amazing potential just give up half way and fizzle out. Modeling is about persistence, you just start wherever you can, grabbing onto any opportunity I suppose.

After winning Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 /2014, what has changed the most in your life?

The competition opened my opportunities as I now have international modeling jobs. It’s good, it’s an eye opener. Different looks work for different markets. It’s cool to see how agencies present your profile to clients. For example, in London, my book is very editorial whereas in LA my book is all beauty shots.

Traveling round the world, meeting iconic fashion designers, working with people around the world, with whom or at which event was your most memorable experience?

I’ve had a few pinch me moments. Diane Von Frustenburg kissing me after the runway show. Walking for Simone Rocha during London Fashion Week. Headlining Digital Fashion Week in Singapore alongside Carmen Dell’Orifice; a beauty editorial with Rankin.

Describe your personal style.

I’m actually quite laid back, relaxed, simple. I’m all for joggers and T-shirts honestly.

What is your preferred choice of footwear?

I love my sneakers. Besides that, anything that I wouldn’t trip over.

What made you decide to collaborate with Yoke & Theam?

I loved their story and of course their product. Two sisters running a brand together with a strong legacy. They first contacted me for gifting, I think what struck a chord in them was that they saw that I was actually wearing their shoes on a daily basis.

On what occasions do you do wear Yoke & Theam?

Almost every day. I almost wrecked my current pair (laughs).

How would you style them?

They go with almost anything. I like that they’re super casual, I like pairing them with midi dresses. In New York, I wore them with socks, which somehow outraged a lot of people on Instagram haha. You try working in high heels for hours! You’d be wearing socks too.

What makes Yoke & Theam shoes unique?

They’re feminine yet bold. Also very well made; it’s actually hard to see in mere Instagram photos. I think one needs to try them on in person to really feel the comfort that they offer.

Do you believe in empowering women? If yes, how does Yoke & Theam promote that?

I do believe in empowering women. I think the sisters set a good example themselves by successfully running a family business and being ambitious, believing in their brand and product.

Among the collection, which is/are your favourite(s)?

The Ace kills it for me. I wear them to castings. They have a bit of a heel so I don’t really swap them out unless it’s a runway casting.

Why is it important to wear comfortable shoes?

Because uncomfortable shoes suck balls.

Yoke & Theam is available at FABSPY Store Mid Valley and Sogo KL

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Wardrobe by: Pearly Wong (@pearlywongofficial) & Nabil Volkers (@nabilvolkersofficial)
Styling by: Saerah Ridzuan (@saerahridz), Low Yilin (@yilinisgood), Maizatul Yasmin (@maizatulyasmin)
Makeup by: Shahnaz Bahar (@facekraft)
Photography by: Mark Yeo
Article by: Celestine Na (@celestjoan)

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