Love, Kaur: Bringin’ the “Love” this V-day

03 Feb Love, Kaur: Bringin’ the “Love” this V-day

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Love needs to be shared and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner it’s the perfect opportunity to give a gift of ‘love’ to your special someone.

Yes, an elaborate bouquet of roses never goes astray, nor tantalising melt in your mouth chocolates, but lets face it although they are old time favourites they won’t leave your Valentine with something memorable and long lasting to cherish beyond February.

Most women these days agree Valentines Day can be a commercial and unnecessary occasion to celebrate, and will kindly let their man off the hook with a “there’s no need to buy me anything…you’re all I need!” But what’s the harm in indulging in a little romance and letting someone know you have been thinking of them.

And then there’s the bro-pressure too. “What did you get for your lady this year?” “Are you just gonna bring her out for a date?” The potential social pressures of wanting to be able to spoil others on a budget is a tough job, and our unpredictable economy certainly isn’t helping! Well fear not, as this year you can gift “Love” for your special lady without breaking your wallet.

Made of Pink Quartz gemstones, Tibetan beads and a touch of gold, “Love” is an affordable bracelet created to be loved by every women. Also as a limited edition one-size-fits-all bracelet, there is no need to worry whether it fits or not.


“Love” features a luxe bohemian look that is versatile and unique. Created to express the love, Kaur kind of women — a go-getter, hustler, goal-achieving, unconventional, risk- taker, adventurous woman who would choose the path less taken. The affordable price tag is a definite plus point too!

Love, Kaur is a brand that makes jewelry for women with dreams, get this special edition “Love” bracelet and bring a sparkle to your loved ones this Valentines.

Love, Kaur is available at FABSPY Store, Mid Valley & Sogo KL
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Photography by: love, Kaur (@lovekaurdotcom)
Article by: Celestine Na (@celestjoan)

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