Insta Crush: Fun little music video wizard—Yuri Wong

10 Mar Insta Crush: Fun little music video wizard—Yuri Wong

We have to admit, modern people nowadays have a much shorter attention span. What will capture your attention for 15 seconds? Will this short video grab your attention?

Apple or Samsung? #15secmusicvid

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With a highly debatable main theme of whether the Apple or the Samsung phone is better, this creative #15secmusicvid is a definite attention grabber. Using visuals, music and quirky wits, composer and music producer Yuri Wong’s Instagram feed will make everyone want more.

A boy that got into music at a young age, Yuri started learning the classical piano for many years. It was then in high school that he picked up guitar playing. Music has been a big part of Yuri’s life and he loves how full of life and emotion when music is played. These days, Yuri creates music at his own studio, The Factory.

‘The world is full of ideas and fun little things.’ — Yuri Wong

Yuri finds inspirations for his fun little music videos in anything and everything. Things that are around you can actually give you inspiration. You might not notice them if you are not paying attention, just like how car movements  can represent musical notes, or how the sounds of eating food can be heard as a rhythm. It’s a matter of really paying attention and always thinking and listening. However, don’t think too much and get multiple musicality disorder ;)

Besides making fun little videos, Yuri had also composed amazing music for big hit children cartoon BoBoiBoy The Movie. Have a look at how this music wizard works his magic in producing BoBoiBoy’s Theme Song.

Read on and find out more about Yuri.

What is your favourite instrument and why?

It’s the guitar, because I’ve always had a strong affinity towards the sounds it makes, and the kinds of emotions it can bring about. Also, because it’s the heart of rock and roll!

What is your music style?

It’s a very wide range due to the nature of my work. I love creating orchestral scores and electronic beats. What matters most to me is the emotion that comes from the music, and usually, a strong melody brings that out. Hence, melody is the soul of my music.

As a composer/musician/business owner, what are your daily challenges?

Managing people and bringing out the best in them! I have some very talented people working in The Factory, and my job is to bring out the best in them, their work and their creativity.

How does your day usually go by? Take us into your workspace. How do you go about doing what you love?

I start by understanding what the song is supposed to do. You cannot start working on a piece of music without knowing what its purpose is. Therefore, the process varies different kinds of music. For example, a score for an animated action film for young adults, the purpose may be to create a sense of energy and adventure, whereas for a theme song for a children’s show needs to be memorable, catchy and bring a sense of fun to the show. Therefore, I take those considerations and create the music from there.

What is your current project? Any upcoming work-in-progress for the coming months?

I just created a theme song for a very popular children’s animated series called Didi and Friends, which will be out in April. In the meantime, we are constantly making music for the show and other animated series. We love working with animation companies because their understanding of creative work is very good and we are very aligned in wanting to create the best work possible with them.

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Photography by: Yuri Wong
Article by: Celestine Na (@celestjoan)

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