Won’t Leave Home Without You

03 Jun Won’t Leave Home Without You

In every life, there are essentials. And then there are things that you just CANNOT leave home without!
Here are some bare necessities that you need in your life right now!

Cute Socks

- marketplace flatlay RICE6016

Good Pair by Medium Rare is known for their cute socks that do not compromise on comfort. Each pair is the perfect accessory to add to your outfit for that pop of colour. And the best part? They’re unisex! Anyone can now own a pair of these adorable “feet sweaters”!

Good Pair Socks
Available at FABSPY, Mid Valley

Keep it in Your Pocket

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Staying organised is difficult when all your cash is flying around. The trick is in finding the perfect wallet or purse for you. Keeping your cards, cash and coins where they should be will make your shopping experience smoother and hassle-free!

Status Anxiety
Available at FABSPY, Mid Valley

Happy Eyes, Happy Life

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Whether you wear glasses or not, having one on you always makes a bold statement. Grab a pair of sunnies for some UV-protection or just the plain old no-power glasses just to look a little preppy. Either way, your eyes will thank you for it!

Ellui Sunglasses
Available at FABSPY, Mid Valley

Medium Rare Glasses
Available at FABSPY, Mid Valley


Pack It and Go

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Behind every fast-paced life, is a good backpack. Carry all your necessities in one of these Doughnut backpacks. Each design is specially crafted with well-organised compartments, ensuring that you will never lose your things again. Take them to work or go on holiday, but just be rest assured that you’ll be making a statement with one of these babies!

Doughnut Backpacks
Available at FABSPY, Mid Valley

Photography by: Jeremy Choy (@bboyrice)
Article by: Denise Lee (@missnise7)

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