Realize Your True Potential with Kiz Urban

17 Mar Realize Your True Potential with Kiz Urban


Every one of us is unique in this universe, each individual with our very own talents, potential and aspirations. Sadly, in our often-sceptical society today, many of us are forced to suppress our own unique self, face criticisms and at times we are belittled for being different.

Kiz Urban aspires to encourage everyone to never give in to anything in life that attempts to restrict our true potential. To ‘Never Fold in Life’, Kiz Urban wants to be the medium that allows people to express themselves through Urbanwear style. Fashion is definitely not only all about looks; it can carry a strong expression of one’s character, personality and reflect a person’s lifestyle.

Urbanwear is seen as more than just another genre of “fashion” by Kiz Urban. It is more than just another type “clothing”, urbanwear is a way of life that brings together a vast assortment of countercultures!

From artists to musicians, dancers to creative individuals, like-minded people that aspires to create a world free of prejudice and restriction. Kiz Urban is actively engaged with our local community, supporting local urban interest groups that are involved in music, dancing, skateboarding and other urban cultures. It is by giving back that you also receive. Realize your true potential with Kiz Urban.

Kiz Urban is available at FABSPY Store Mid Valley

Photography by: Kiz Urban (@kizurbanapparel)
Article by: Celestine Na (@celestjoan)

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