Producthief: All Leathered Up

09 Dec Producthief: All Leathered Up

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When it comes to leather goods, masculinity, sophistication and luxury often come to mind. Leather — a premium material known for its durability and versatility, it is, commonly used to make apparel, footwear and furniture since it can withstand the roughest and toughest weather if exposed. Producthief’s handmade leather pouches translate longevity and sumptuous design simultaneously.

With these pouches, both men and women can add a touch of virility and edge to their everyday outfits.

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Producthief was born out of inspiration by talented and magnanimous friends who come from distinct backgrounds of fashion, design and arts. Surrounded by the likes of Alia Bastamam, Farhan Yassin (Moslem Priest), Dendy Darman and all those who had faith and continued to push the team forward, Producthief continued to trust in themselves and achieve what they have always dreamed of.

Producthief Team 1

The Producthief team

The team decided to go with the name Producthief because it’s the same way to pronounce the word “Productive” — that works like a mantra for them to strive harder and be more productive everyday, in their very own unique way.

Producthief 4 - Accessories

Human hands are the only source of power that Producthief rely on because the process of embossing designs on leather pouches is meticulous and time-consuming. It is impossible to use machines to devise the products. When asked as to why does Producthief only uses leather for their pouches and bracelets, they responded with, “we like the luxurious feel of leather and that it lasts, much longer than most materials but we are not planning on making only bags and accessories, and leather is not the only material that we plan on using”.

Simplicity is the key to Producthief’s designs and they have set their sights on to construct products that look and feel “as simple as possible, with as little design as possible”, perfect for those who are looking to add a minimal and timeless accessory into their wardrobe. Embrace your unique identity and stand out with customizable designs on leather pouches; the smallest adjustments on a simple leather pouch can turn everything around!

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It is inspiring to know that a small homegrown brand is flourishing even without formal knowledge of design. A brand born from the motivation of friends and hardworking bare hands while passion is another vital element for the success and growth of Producthief.

Get your hands on Producthief’s limited ready stocks at Thisappear+ in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur and if you’re in Singapore, get them at Chi Chi Von Tang in Scotts Road. Prices for a made-to-order leather pouch starts from RM 399 and can be ordered through their Instagram or Facebook.

Producthief e-mail:
Producthief Instagram: @Producthief
Producthief Facebook: Producthief

Photography by: Farhan Yassin (@farhanyassin)
Illustrations by: kkkkkiddddd (@kkkkkiddddd)
Article by: Maizatul Yasmin (@maizatulyasmin)

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