Pestle & Mortar: Another Beginning

24 Feb Pestle & Mortar: Another Beginning


This is another beginning for Pestle & Mortar, a collection for both men and women that comprises of 112 pieces, its largest collection to date. Express your nostalgic feelings with In The Beginning collection. It will take you back to the beginning of what it is to be human, find elements reminiscing our childhood and nature.

In The Beginning takes us back to a time without prejudice and everyone in the field was just another friend from the neighbourhood, blended in with the colours of nature. Such a time of luxury where we don’t have to reassure ourselves to live in the moment with Facebook, Instagram or any other social media portals. Go explore the woods and leave your smartphones for a bit.

Each piece of In The Beginning goes through rigorous design processes to offer functionality and perfect fit without compromising for aesthetics. A collection expertly crafted with 3 specific traits—thought, technique and application, its fashion is not all about trends but about a lasting personalized style.

Pestle & Mortar In The Beginning is available at FABSPY Store Mid Valley

Photography by: Pestle & Mortar (@pestlemortarclothing)
Article by: Celestine Na (@celestjoan)

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