NOOX for tiny grownups

28 Dec NOOX for tiny grownups


Colourful, huggable and safe for children, NOOX handmade pillow items are something that every kid would love, even we as adults will find them lovable. NOOX’s story begins in Jakarta, Indonesia where Architecture and Urbanism engineer Inoek Brouwer decided to do something meaningful with inspirations that the city of Jakarta gave her. Starting with designs that are drawn from iconic livelihoods of Jakarta like the three-wheeled taxi called Bajaj, her designs were then made into child safe print on canvas linen pillow items.

NOOX launched its first Jakarta Collection in April 2015 and now has embraced the diversity of other cities like Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Sisters Isliana and Maslina Ismail established NOOX KL in March 2016 and the brand has garnered a dynamic market presence and a very loyal following among customers and retailers that are looking for terrific inspirations for children to learn naturally.

Playmat NOOX KL

NOOX Playmat KL

We love NOOX’s idea to incorporate local cultures into their product designs as the products can promote imagination and creativity among tiny grownups. Aren’t we all tiny grown-ups after all?

Check out the fun and playful products of NOOX KL that include localized elements of Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

The soft toy scooter depicts the unique way how Malaysian motorcycle riders will generally wear their jacket ‘backward’ with accompanying take-away ‘teh tarik/milo tarik/nescafe tarik’ hanging by the handle bar. The yellow school bus will definitely bring back memories, a retro throwback for all who were once a passenger in this non-air-conditioned bus. The timeless appeal in NOOX KL products has strong emotional values that are sure to bring smiles on our faces.

NOOX is available at selected Hallmark counters, Borders bookstores and Times bookstores.

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Photography by: NOOX KL
Article by: Celestine Na (@celestjoan)

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