Nol1xon: NEON collection with no limits

15 Feb Nol1xon: NEON collection with no limits


Inspired by the movie “TRON:Legacy”, this NEON collection is designed to standout even in the dark. Nol1xon designs have always been simple and clean but in this latest collection, we can see a new breakthrough that brings out the ‘NO LIMIT ZONE’ concept to even greater heights.

Neon lights are always eye-catching in the dark and just like the neon light movements in the TRON movie, Nol1xon NEON collection features light blue and light pink neon stripes design which are printed on high quality all-black material. These contrasting colourful stripes on black exude a subtle futuristic vibe that will go well with any of your favourite pieces.


A collection that will appeal to both men and women, this is a collection that lovebirds must look out too as the style can be shared together. Pieces in this collection that caught our eye include a unique double layered long sleeve tee— NEON Long Sleeve and a figure-hugging short sleeve cropped cut tee— NEON Chopped Top with ‘no limit zone’ print on its rib lining.

Check out the collection below and let there be no limits in your life with Nol1xon design.

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Nol1xon Neon collection is available at FABSPY Mid Valley

Photography by: Nol1xon (@nol1xon)
Article by: Celestine Na (@celestjoan)

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