Nabil Volkers: Experimental Streetwear

13 Jan Nabil Volkers: Experimental Streetwear


Take a glimpse at Nabil Volker’s Experiment 01, many would feel perplexed and alienated upon the first look. Models in tribal makeup, tanned skintone and eye-catching hairstyles, this was one collection that stood out at KLFW 2016. A collection inspired by human experimentation, human hybrids and the infamous Area 51 that is rumoured to be a secret military base, Nabil’s interpretation on streetwear offers a fresh new twist.

Give the collection a thorough browse and you will see the beauty of these artfully shaped silhouettes.

A collection made of synthetic fabrics like neoprene, mesh and nylon. Nabil wants this collection to inspire people to be experimental and evolve in life. Its black, white, grey and yellow colour combinations offer an edgy and refreshing overall vibe. Nabil wants to show that each one of us has our own inner demons and that we always have to improve ourselves by being less judgmental towards others.


The embroidered orchids represent the exoticness of each individual while the black feathers represent everyone’s inner demons. We love his avant-garde, experimental and genderless approach to streetwear. Keep tab of this space for Nabil Volkers new collection.

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Photography by: Nabil Volkers (@nabilvolkersofficial)
Article by: Celestine Na (@celestjoan)

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