Insta Crush: The free spirited artist —Tiffany Choong

24 Mar Insta Crush: The free spirited artist —Tiffany Choong

Born on the beautiful island of Penang, Tiffany Choong loves to travel, explore and experience life. Armed with wings of a free spirit, her curiosity for new experiences has taken her to different parts of the world like the UK, France, Tanzania and Singapore, living the wanderlust life to its fullest!

Mural Lotus at Sunalini Yoga 2

A double degree holder in French and Interior Design, Tiffany was pursuing a career as an Interior Designer before evolving to Fine Art and Illustration. Her personal discovery about her art style took some time as it did not happen overnight. However, it was her sketchbook project that she discovered her passion in drawing animals, flowers and everyday objects.

In April 2013, Tiffany embarked on her ‘a sketch per day’ project to find new focus in her life. After almost 4 years and more than 1,000 sketches later, it has become a way of life for her— like a personal journal in pictures created with passion and from the heart. Every sketch has a story to tell, check out her Instagram account filled with her daily sketches and snapshots of her life.

Tiffany’s works of art inspire the passion in anyone to follow their dreams and to make positive changes one day and one sketch at a time.

Tiffany’s sketches have connected her to the world through social media; her works have inspired many people to start their very own personal journeys in life. For Tiffany, her sketches and quotes are more than just a journal as she has gained strength to overcome her own demons through the positive feedback from her social media followers and friends. It also opened a dialogue of communication when she was going through a dark patch in her life that made her cling on tighter to her sketches. Another great example of how art can create waves of positive change and inspire more goodness into this world =D

Artworks are windows to the soul, what is photographed or drawn are subjects that have visually captured your attention at that moment. Even though you may not find a theme in each of these moments, time will tell and you will discover a soul in them — Tiffany Choong

Free spirited Tiffany also does mural drawings. One of her first murals is Stewart the seagull on the famous Lebuh Stewart in Penang which has since been painted over but it can still be seen in the book Street art Penang Style by Mike Gibby (Entrepot Publishing). She chose that location because someone else had already written the words “sometimes I still dream” and Stewart the seagull represented this. Stewart is based on a true story told by a couple of seafarers about six seagulls that fought the storm but only one (Stewart) survived through sheer determination and adaptability.


Read on to find out more about Tiffany.

What is the most inspiring place or time for you to work?

Usually I draw in the mornings but I used to draw in the evenings. I guess I work with my internal clock. My art is introspective and meditation-like; I would always sit down and have some quiet time to focus before creating.

What tools or techniques do you use when creating art? Is it all done by hand or do you also do digital art?

I use different mediums for different purposes. I draw with a pen for my sketchbook art with occasional colour washes but I never use lead pencil and an eraser. I draw directly with a pen and every line and dot is permanent. If I make a mistake, I have learnt to accept it as part of life. I also use the computer to digitally redraw my sketches and develop them into designs.

What inspires you right now? How many hours a day do you spend on drawing?

I spend at most 30 minutes on my sketches, but the thought process requires a longer time. What I draw depends on what I see, experience and where I am. I have been spending a lot of time in the garden at home the last few months and I have been capturing those things in my sketchbook.

Some of your illustrations are named. Can you share how do you pick a name for them?

They are named based on real animals actually. One of my first drawings was Lilo the polo pony, my best friend’s pet. Usually, I observe my subjects and then I draw them if I feel a connection. The naming part is random though as sometimes I come up with the names but more often than not, my friends or social media followers help name them.

Inspiration – necessary, or a myth?

Firstly, what is inspiration? Is it divine or does it come from within? I like to imagine it as an energy that flows through my body and through practice, I can learn to manage and channel it into a creative process. It is a matter of learning how to tap into your inspiration.

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Photography by: Tiffany Choong
Article by: Celestine Na (@celestjoan)

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