Insta Crush: Funny random web comic illustrator—Tim O

12 Apr Insta Crush: Funny random web comic illustrator—Tim O


Simple characters with a rounded head, two dotted eyes and a mouth, Tim’s web comics highlight the random moments in life that are silly yet very relatable. Renditions of his favourite childhood characters like Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Pokemon are all given a humorous twist.

Remember the times of binge-watching weekend cartoons as a kid. Tim was also one of those kids, religiously watching his favourite cartoon series on Saturday mornings. He recalls those times as one of his biggest influences that got him interested in drawing and cartooning. As for his web comic influence, it was years after college when he stumbled upon web comics like Poorly Drawn Lines, Hark! A Vagrant!, Octopus Pie, and Nimona that got him hooked and lit a desire in him to make his own web comic series Blazers At Dawn.

Born and raised in the cold climate state of New Hampshire, Tim is of Filipino descent. Currently, he is living in Boston and working as a scientist.

Here’s Tim.

Tim Pp

You may notice that Tim’s Blazers At Dawn share a similar style to popular American animated series Adventure Time. This is because he actually started doodling web comics based on AT. However, over the years Tim has managed to develop his own style that has looser lines and different line-weights. Pop culture and other web comics often give Tim inspiration when he is putting together the visuals for his web comics. Recently, he finds inspiration through instrumental music. Staring into the void seems to be one of his favourite methods to visualize his web comic ideas too. Other methods like foreign media consumption also help to reframe Tim’s perspective about things; long walks in silence and nice hot showers at times also bring new inspiration.

Creative Process

Tim is currently working on creating a large queue of comics for Blazer at Dawn so that he can take the summer off. He also plans to improve his illustrating skills and to explore new comic ideas. Just like past years, he finds this method of recollecting his thoughts and starting a fresh is essential for his creative well-being. Therefore for 2017, he hopes to complete a beta test narrative project for comics.

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What is Blazers at Dawn?

This is the first time anyone has asked me that question! This may sound weird, but it’s actually a dialogue line of a web comic that I never made and will probably never make. It was one of my first web comic ideas that exists solely in my head. I just thought that “Blazers at Dawn” sounded cool and esoteric enough to be hip on Tumblr, so I went with it. Probably not the best name for a web comic, but I am at peace with it. However, if I had to rename the comic, I’d probably call it something like “Handsome Pizza,” which would be on brand since I make a lot of comics referencing pizza =D

On average, how long does it take you to finish a comic strip?

From a pure mechanical standpoint, it probably takes just over an hour or two to draw, colour and format/queue up across the different places I post on the internet. The time to come up with a great idea though takes much longer time from a few seconds all the way up to months if I’m having trouble working the comic in my head onto paper.

How do you create your comics?

I was suing a Wacom bamboo for a long time; it is a very good (non-expensive) introductory tool for digital drawing. However, I have since moved to the Intuos and it has become my all-time favourite tool as it is pressure sensitive, a feature I can no longer live without, kinda like pizza.

Who is your favourite Pokemon?

Squirtle is my favourite starter from Gen 1 but Bulbasaur has grown on me considerably over the years. My favourite Pokemon out in the wild is Abra.

What are your favourite cartoon/animation/general characters?

I really, really love the cohort of side characters in Adventure Time. I’m talking, like, “Shelby, Shoko, Snow Golem, Prismo” and so forth. There are too many to name. The reason I like these side-characters so much is that they give the show’s universe a completely different weight and dimension in relation to its true centre: the bond between Finn and Jake and their adventures. It’s kind of like learning a surprising fact or interest about someone you thought you knew and then that new piece of information casts them in this entirely different and positive light.

Who are your favourite illustrators?

My favourite Instagram illustrators at the moment are Oliver Jeffers, Sirpangur, Sketchshark, Blobsma, Atoffany.

Are you going to give animated shorts another chance?

Maybe? I know that’s a copout answer but if I did do it again, I would have to halt all other projects and just really dive deep into it for months on end. How exhilarating and terrifying that would be =) But it’s definitely something I would love to collaborate with another person or group of people on!

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Photography by: Tim O
Article by: Celestine Na (@celestjoan)

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