Insta Crush: Foodgasms with Eunice

27 Jan Insta Crush: Foodgasms with Eunice


Mouthwatering and filled with nutritious ingredients — did this brown rice mushroom congee with goji berries enticed your appetite? Just look at that big whole mushroom, tempting red goji berries, fresh spring onions and sesame oil drizzle. Don’t you just want to let your taste buds dive into it?

Talented visual storyteller Eunice Martin, who is also a food/ prop stylist and photographer, is the creative mind behind this magical foodgasm moment.


Photo credits: Shaun Lee

Believe it or not, Eunice turned her addiction of looking at beautifully crafted, mouth watering pictures of foods into a career. It wasn’t an instant career aspiration but it was a step-by-step journey of discovery for Eunice. After getting her dad to buy her a camera (she literally begged for it), Eunice showed her determination to pick up photography from scratch. Lighting,  ways to create that perfect ambiance, colour coordination, she tried every way possible to make the food look its best at her work space (her home).

From paid online classes to countless research and even more experimenting sessions with lights and food, Eunice found her own unique way to create mouthwatering, beautiful foodgasm visuals, turning her obsession of food images on screens into a career (a pretty good way to feed her equally big appetite for good food too!).

“No one is born good in something, it takes a lot of time and effort to discover and sharpen it” — Eunice Martin

True to that, as there are no schools or formal institutions that offer food styling skills, it all boils down to one’s passion and determination to discover, try and create.

Check out Eunice’s amazing creations and experience all the foodgasms.

Eunice also likes to create visuals that are out of the box, check out her childhood snacks food art.

A photo posted by Eunice Martin (@euniceeunny) on

A photo posted by Eunice Martin (@euniceeunny) on

Read on and get a glimpse of the life of this food magician.

What is your favourite food subject?

Anything that’s colourful. The more complex the better. I love details, textures and colours! Something like Berries Cheesetart? You get different shapes and colours from Raspberry, Mulberry, Blueberry and Strawberry, and the creamy, crumbly texture from the cheese tart… Mmmmh… I need one already

Which place is your food heaven?

Food court! Or the night market! So many choices, so exciting.

What do you always crave for?

The answer will be nothing but fried chicken.

How does your day usually go by? Describe a typical “shoot day”.

Firstly, I would set a meeting with the client to ask and see whether there’s a particular theme or art direction that they are looking for. Then, I will do some research and sketch out a rough idea about the type of props and food/beverage pairings involved. After that, I will source for relevant props and finally the day of the shoot.

Are there any rules for choosing colour for props used together with the main subject?

Oh Yes that’s for sure. Imagine you’ll have to shoot for a client which revolves the theme ‘Christmas’, you can’t go about by incorporating oriental tea pot or have anything that’s strikingly purple or orange, you just need to have the instinct and art sense to know what goes best with the hero object.

You do your own photography and create your own food art, how do you juggle both tasks?

It’s definitely not easy to juggle both together. It takes a lot of patience and determination to achieve what you’ve initially visualised. Here the idiom ‘when there’s a will, there’s a way’, can be put into good use. Find a way, instead of letting obstacles stop you from getting what you initially wanted, stretch your limits because that’s how you grow. Speaking from experience, you can also go look for uncle Google, or ask your friends, or alternatively keep experimenting; the ultimate solution is to never give up.

How long do you usually spent on shooting a project? Or taking that perfect pic for Instagram?

It could take up around 3-4 hours just to get that ONE perfect shot. Sometimes I will be shooting the same object over a spread of a few days. And never stop experimenting. See, if you don’t have the patience and determination you’ll probably stop at day one, so persistence is key!

We love your sense of humour that is reflected in your Instagram feed, are you a joker in real life?

I would like to think so. I’m pretty hard on myself and perpetually striving to become better in everything I do, but I would also like to believe that I have a fun facade in me that not everyone gets to see. Hence, I wish my work can portray that side of me. Whether it’s true or not, you’ve gotta discover that yourself. :)

Follow Eunice’s Instagram for more foodgasms in the future – @euniceeunny


Photography by: Eunice Martin
Article by: Celestine Na (@celestjoan)

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