Insta Crush: Explore Art with Haze Long

20 Jan Insta Crush: Explore Art with Haze Long


Versatile, talented and passionate are the best three words to describe Haze Long. A Kuala Lumpur-based artist that conceptualizes illusions and loves to paint Alla prima, a wet on wet painting technique to complete a piece in one sitting. Well sought after for her entertaining speed painting performances, Haze also does mural art, portraits, YouTube videos and most recently calligraphy scrap-booking.

An artist that also manages her own business, Haze started out creating murals for corporate clients and events. For the past 5 years, she and her team of Art Misfits has successfully produced over 100 murals, way ahead of Ernest Zacharevic’s infamous Little Children on a Bicycle mural in Penang. Art Misfits also specializes in other forms of illusion artworks like speed painting performances, graffiti, customized door gifts, wall painting, trick eye illusions and wall design.

Haze’s intriguing Instagram short clips like these below display her versatile talent at producing art in various forms.

A video posted by Haze Long (@hazelong) on

A video posted by Haze Long (@hazelong) on

YouTube has also become Haze’s new way to connect with her audience by sharing her knowledge to anyone who wants to learn and to leave a trail of knowledge in the cloud.

Check out Haze Long’s recent art pieces that gives you art in a box and read on to know more about Haze.

What do you like about art?

One of the aspects of being an artist that I particularly love is that it is a passion-fuelled activity, setting it apart from other career choices. The act of creating art itself is a stress free and almost meditative-like activity, which I really enjoy especially when I detach myself from roles that are more business-like.

As an artist, what are your daily struggles?

It is impossible to just create great art and be successful in this modern-day. Artists today need to carry out many roles such as social media responsibilities, marketing and see-through the business aspects of our art if we want to be successful. Juggling all that can be really challenging because switching tasks can easily break the momentum of an artist’s inspiration to create art.

What is your art style?

I conceptualise illusions and paint Alla prima. I also favour efficiency in my brushwork, to make each brush stroke mean something. I try to use minimum amount of brush strokes when creating, this gives my paintings a more spontaneous look.

Where do you get inspiration?

I get most of my inspiration from social media from artists and new trends that I follow closely.

Describe a typical day. How does your day usually go by?

Currently, my studio is at a loft, which will look different every single day depending on my activity. I could be doing accounting, drowning in receipts and documents or I could be out meeting clients, stocking supplies, shipping and packing artwork. Aside from these business days, I also have my peaceful days where I create artwork in the loft.

Crazy days are when I need to prepare for speed painting performances. Sorting out materials, preparing custom made colours and rehearsals, the loft would often turn into a warzone very quickly. The most exciting days are when I have to handle overlapping activities all in one day’s time. Basically, I work every day of the week. I guess this is possible only because I love my job so much.

To you, what makes a good art piece?

A nice painting doesn’t make a fine art. In order for any artwork to qualify as fine art, it needs to have the following – good concept, impressive technique and a well communicated emotion. Having a good concept is easy enough once given enough thought. Technique can be practiced and mastered over decades of unrelenting studies or by copying masters’ artworks. However, in order to communicate an emotion, clever manipulation of strong art composition basics and elements of design is required.

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Photography by: Haze Long
Article by: Celestine Na @celestjoan

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